Your Fish Our Priority

Get Your Fish From Kenai To Anchorage Next Day Guaranteed

Beginning July 1st

Your Fish Solution is Here!

Every year thousands of pounds of fish are harvested from the Kenai area’s waterways. This fish represents the trip of a lifetime, and we want to make sure that you can get it home safely and easily. 

That’s why, starting July 1st, for just $1.50 per pound, we’ll guarantee your freezer-cold fish arrive to Anchorage before you do.

Catching fish is your passion. Getting your fish from Kenai to Anchorage is ours.

Package Your Catch

We care about your fish, so grab a fish box and cooling packs.

Pre-label your boxes with your Name & Address, as well.

Use Store Bought Fish Boxes

Dropoff Your Fish Boxes

Walk up to the desk THE DAY BEFORE your scheduled flight to Anchorage.

Your fish will be kept in a freezer before and after shipping.

Boxes only guaranteed day before travel
Pick Boxes Up in Anchorage

When you arrive at Ted Stevens your fish will be waiting for you at Gate A11. Simply walk up to the desk and present your ID.

Right After You Land

Drop Off At Kenai Airport

Beginning July 1st
Everyday : 6:00AM to 4:00PM

Inside the Kenai Airport, simply bring your fish box to the desk. Our friendly staff are ready to help.

Upon landing in Ted Stevens International the next day, your fish will be waiting for you at the Kenai Aviation desk at Gate A11.

Terms & Conditions


Kenai Aviation’s Fishbox Transport Program (“Program”) allows passengers to transport their fish boxes from Kenai to Anchorage without being subject to scheduled flight cargo restrictions that commonly delay fish box transport on existing scheduled flights. Passengers may drop off their fish boxes at Kenai Airport on the day prior to their scheduled service departure. These boxes will be refrigerated before and after transport. Boxes will then be available at the gate in Anchorage upon the passenger’s arrival.


This Program is available to all Kenai Aviation passengers with a paid scheduled service reservation for next-day travel from Kenai to Anchorage only.

Drop Off

Fish boxes must be dropped off the day prior to scheduled travel to Anchorage at the Kenai Aviation desk located at Kenai Municipal Airport during the specified drop off hours, which are from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily. Late or early drop-offs may not be accepted.

Packaging Requirements

All fish boxes must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be properly sealed and leak-proof.
  2. Be clearly labeled with the passenger’s name, contact information, and flight details.
  3. Contains sufficient cooling elements (e.g., gel packs or dry ice) to maintain appropriate temperatures throughout the duration of the transport.

Passengers are solely responsible for ensuring that fish boxes are packed in a manner that prevents damage, leakage, or spoilage.

Refrigeration and Transport

Kenai Aviation will store the fish boxes in a refrigerated container at Kenai Municipal Airport until transport. Boxes will be transported and placed in a similar environment at Anchorage International Airport until the hour of the passenger’s arrival.


Passengers must pick up their fish boxes at the Kenai Aviation Desk located at Gate A11 at the Anchorage Airport immediately upon arrival. Boxes will be available for pickup for one hour following the flight’s landing time. Unclaimed boxes will be subject to disposal with no liability to Kenai Aviation.


A service cost of $1.50 per pound for each box will be charged at the time of drop-off. This cost includes all handling, refrigeration, and transport services.


Kenai Aviation is not responsible for the spoilage of contents incurred during transport. Passengers agree not to hold Kenai Aviation accountable for any loss or damage to the contents inside of the box and/or normal wear and tear damage to the box itself. This includes scratches, small dents, rips, tears, and general grime and dirt.

Cancellation and Changes

Changes to flight itineraries must be communicated to Kenai Aviation at least 12 hours before the scheduled departure. Failure to notify Kenai Aviation of flight changes may result in the unavailability of the fish box upon arrival.

Acceptance of Terms

By participating in the Program, passengers agree to all terms and conditions outlined herein. Kenai Aviation reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Program at any time without prior notice.