Scheduled Service Questions

Book Online Now Here.

Call 888-505-3624 and press 1 to book a scheduled flight via telephone.

Or visit any of our airport locations during business hours to book a flight in-person.

Seating is on a board-first, choose-first basis. However, if you have specific needs or requests, please let us know during booking.

Kenai Aviation currently operates scheduled flights to multiple destinations within the Greater Kenai Peninsula, with plans to expand to other nearby Alaskan communities with a need for air service. Please visit our Flight Schedule page on our website for a complete list of destinations and flight options.

Anchorage Passengers can head straight downstairs to our A-11 Gate in the South Terminal of Ted Steven International. Passengers will check in and board out of the same area.
Anchorage Baggage will arrive at the same gate that you do via cart, shortly after you deplane. Rental carts for bags provided by the airport and located close by.

Kenai Passengers can find our check-in desk at the far right side of the Kenai Municipal Airport, located next to the Airport Admin office.
Kenai Baggage will arrive at the main baggage claim area in the Arrivals section of the airport.

Preferred check-in time is 30 minutes prior to departure.

Flights will close 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. If a passenger checks in after flight closure, they will be rescheduled to the soonest available seat on the same route.

Each passenger is allowed one carry-on & up to 50 lbs. of baggage without any extra charge. If you have additional baggage, you may be charged at our current excess baggage rate.

If your flight is full, you may have to travel without your baggage, and it may arrive on an earlier or later flight. There is a possibility that your baggage may not travel on the same flight due to weight, balance, and space limitations. However, we will make every possible effort to assist your baggage to your destination as quickly as possible.

Customers without a need for an entire aircraft to ship their freight are welcome to entrust us with their shipment on any of our scheduled flights with space available. For hassle-free, safe, and secure transportation, we require that the freight is packaged securely and meets our company’s weight and dimension requirements (Please call for any questions regarding freight size).

The cost of transportation for freight based on individual item weights, and charged per pound. Envelopes are charged at a flat fee depending on the flight route.

In order to maintain our commitment to efficiency, we require that all freight must be picked up on the day of its arrival at the designated destination. Please note that any delays in the scheduled pick-up may incur additional fees.

For logistics support, please contact our customer service team and we would be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Firearms: Any firearms or weapons must be unloaded and stored properly in it’s case PRIOR to passenger arrival at the airport for check-in.

Dangerous Goods: There are a number of dangerous goods currently allowed and not allowed on our passenger aircraft such as certain lithium batteries, dry ice, or aerosols. For any questions regarding dangerous or potentially prohibited goods, please call (888)505-3624.

Special Freight: Any awkwardly sized, large, or heavy items requiring special assistance must be disclosed of prior to check-in and are subject to additional fees. Baggage or freight that cannot fit in the nose or rear baggage compartments cannot fly on a regularly scheduled flight and must be booked on a separate aircraft.

Children under 24 months do not require a ticket and can fly at no cost, but are required to ride on an adult (18 or older) companion’s lap.

Children aged 24 months and older will require their own ticket and seat.

Any children aged 5-12 years old and traveling without an adult are considered “Unaccompanied Minors” (UM’s). To book a reservation for a UM, a parent or guardian must do so either over the phone or in-person at one of our service desks.

The person picking up the UM(s) at their destination airport needs to check in with the arrival station using their ID prior to the UM’s flight departure.

For any questions regarding Unaccompanied Minors, please call (888) 505-3624

Passengers who require special assistance for boarding, deboarding, baggage handling, wheelchairs or strollers are requested to contact us in advance of their travel day.

To make sure that our staff are able to provide you with the best possible assistance, passengers who require special help are requested to book their flights over the phone or in-person at one of our customer service locations.

In keeping with DOT regulations, we make every effort to accommodate service animals. However, our planes do not have any separation between the flight deck and the passenger cabin, and loose animals are considered a potential threat to the safety of the flight.

Passengers with Service Animals are given the option to either check their animals inside of their crates during check-in, or they may lead their pet from the ramp, into the aircraft, and ensure their animal is secured in their crate before taking their seats.

Our staff will be happy to work with you to determine the best boarding and seating method that will allow you to be near your service animal, while also maintaining the safety of the flight.

All Service Animals will be required to ride in a kennel. You will NOT be charged any related transport fees.

Please note that our passenger aircraft can only accommodate up to 300 Series sized Kennels
(33″x 22″x 23″)

Any animals traveling with passengers MUST be kept in an appropriately sized kennel for the entire duration of the flight.

Please ensure that your pet has had an opportunity to “relive themselves” before their travels and that they have any food and/or water reasonably needed for their travel.

Please note that our passenger aircraft can only accommodate up to 300 Series sized Kennels
(33″x 22″x 23″)

Frequent Flyers or larger travel groups can utilize our bulk ticket pricing to save 20% off their flights. Tickets are sold per route in groups of 6 or 12. Call for pricing.

Bulk Tickets can be saved under a single name, a family/group, or under a business account.

Bulk Tickets Never Expire.

Bulk tickets are available for sale at any of our in-person service locations, or over the phone at (888)505-3624

Gift Certificates are available for purchase at any of our in-person ticket counters. It is also possible to get your hands on a flight voucher via community events, raffles, and other special occasions. 

Certificates and vouchers can be used for any person’s booking, but must be claimed by the person named on the certificate.

Passengers wanting to use their credit or vouchers must do so either in-person at one of our service locations, or over the phone at (888)505-3624.

Kenai Aviation is not responsible for any lost/stolen gift certificates or voucher codes.

Weather: In the event of a weather-related cancellation, passengers can select from three options: reschedule to the next available flight, hold on to the ticket as credit for later use, or receive a refund with a 10% fee.

Mechanical: In the event of a mechanical cancellation, passengers will have the option to either wait for the next available aircraft, save the ticket as credit for a later date, or receive a refund with no fee applied.

If you miss your flight, please contact our reservations team at 888-505-3624 as soon as possible. We’ll try to accommodate you on the next available flight, but additional charges may apply.

Air Charter Questions

A Private Air Charter is a personalized flight service where you rent the entire aircraft and it’s pilot for a custom itinerary, allowing you to choose your destinations and flight times.

Private Air Charters are the perfect solution for all sorts of trips and travel such as hunting trips, moving workers to remote locations, shipping freight or groceries to hard-to-reach communities, or for last minute travel plans when there’s no scheduled flights available.

To book a charter, please contact our charter coordination team directly via phone or email or by sending in a free charter quote request online here.

They will assist you with the logistics, pricing, and any other inquiries you might have.

While we recommend booking as early as possible to ensure availability, we also accommodate last-minute charter requests based on aircraft availability.

We offer charters to an extremely wide range of destinations throughout the state of Alaska. Whether you’re looking to visit  one of our few major cities, one of our remote villages, or a work site in the middle of the wilderness; as long as we have an established runway to land on, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve even flown to Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California!

Our on-demand air charters are quoted at an hourly rate. To get a free charter quote today, you can click here. All we need is your flight plans and contact info and we can take it from there.

We can take cash, check, ACH, or any major banking card.

We do not require a deposit of any kind for scheduling charters in advance. We typically prefer payment the day of your flight, and ask for payment at check-in.

Certain air-charters can qualify for Fly First, Pay Later and utilize our 30/60/90 or EOM payment plans. Make sure to mention it to your charter coordinator if your interested.

Yes, based on your requirements, such as the number of passengers, destination, and luggage, our team will recommend suitable aircraft options, but the final choice is yours.

Absolutely! Whether you require catering, specific beverages, or any other special requests, let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Yes, we often fly guests with specialized equipment like skis, fishing gear, guns, machinery, etc.

Please inform us in advance so we can ensure the selected aircraft can accommodate your needs.

By default, we ask that charter passengers check-in at least 30 minutes before their flight’s departure time.

Customers moving large amounts of freight, heavy freight requiring machinery, or any HAZMAT material should disclose so prior to their departure date so that necessary preparations can be made for the check-in process.

Customers moving freight via charter are recommended to drop off freight as early as possible on the day of departure to ensure the most flexability 

We understand more than most in Alaska that plans can change for any number of reasons. We offer flexible rescheduling options. Cancellation policies vary depending on the notice given, with details provided during booking.

If you need to make changes or cancel a charter, please call or email us ASAP and we can help you to the best of our ability.

Additional fees may apply when making changes or cancelling a charter.

Flightseeing Questions

Give us a call at 888-505-3624 anytime Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Or email us at contact@kenaiaviation.com
and we can help you out!

Our standard flightseeing tours last anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes. However, we offer customizable tours that can range from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on your preferences.

We utilize a fleet of high-wing aircraft, perfect for sightseeing, ensuring optimal views for all passengers. Depending on your group size, we can put you in our Cessna 206, Tecnam P2012, or KingAir B200. Differing rates may apply for each aircraft.

Dress comfortably and in layers! Even in the summer, it can be cooler in the mountain air than on the ground. Closed-toed shoes are recommended.

Our standard aircraft can comfortably accommodate up to 5 or 9 passengers. For larger groups, please contact us in advance to discuss arrangements.

Absolutely! We encourage passengers to capture the breathtaking, Alaskan scenery. However, flash photography is not allowed as it can be distracting to the pilot.

Have a Go-Pro action camera?
Ask us about our custom Go-Pro mounts!

While we primarily operate from May to September, limited winter tours are available upon request.

To ensure pilot and passenger safety, and to ensure optimal sightseeing conditions; flightseeing tours will be subject to weather conditions. If a tour is cancelled due to weather, we will reschedule your flight or provide a full refund if payments have been processed.

Yes, we can customize a tour to suit your needs, be it for special occasions, private groups, or specific destinations. Contact us for more details.

All adult passengers are required to present a valid photo ID. For non-U.S. citizens, a passport is required.

Yes, children are welcome! Children under 2 years of age fly free when seated on an adult’s lap.

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