Current Weekly Service Schedule*

Monday - Friday Until April 28th

Morning Schedule

Kenai – Anchorage 4:00am
Anchorage – Homer 5:15am
Homer – Anchorage 6:35am
Anchorage – Kenai 8:05am
Kenai – Anchorage 9:00am
Anchorage – Kenai 11:40am

Evening Schedule

Kenai – Anchorage 4:40pm
Anchorage – Kenai 5:45pm
Kenai – Anchorage
Anchorage – Homer 7:45pm
Homer – Anchorage
Anchorage – Kenai 11:30pm

 *All flight times, locations, and information are subject to change.
For the most accurate flight information, please call our reservation line at +1(888) 50-KENAI

Summer Service Schedule *

Taking Off May 1st!

download or print our schedule to keep